Simona Duque de Alzate


Born in 1773 in Marinilla Province - Died in 1858     

Married at age 14 with José Antonio Alzate. Mother of 7 male children: Antonio María, Manuel, Andrés, Francisco, Jose María, Juan Nepomuseno, Salvador and María Antonia.

After the independence of Antioquia in 1813, it was Simona's willingness to enlist Francisco, Andrés and Salvador under the orders of Colonel José María Gutiérrez for the southern campaign. After the success in Boyacá in 1819. Simona at age 46, presented Colonel José María Córdova and offered to 5 of his children, because the other two were injured.

His sacrifice and self-denial attracted the attention of General Santander, who assigned him a pension of 16 pesos a month, which Simona rejected initially, but later accepted due to his precarious economic situation. 

Died in 1858.