Policarpa Salavarrieta


Born sometime between 1793 and 1795, - Died in Santafé on November 14, 1817 

There is no certainty about his birth because there is no document that proves it. From a wealthy family in the town of Guaduas, he moved to Bogotá in 1789. In the smallpox epidemic of 1802, his parents and two of his brothers died. There is also no record of his involvement in political activities before 1810, but when he returned to Santa Fe in 1817 he did so with a false safe conduct and with a letter signed by Ambrosio Almeyda and José Rodríguez. 

Patriotic guerrilla leaders. From the house of Andrea Ricaurte y Lozano, Policarpa sewed for the ladies of the royalists, where he heard news and movements of Spanish troops that he transmitted to the guerrillas. 

The arrest of Alejo Sabarían, one of his closest parteners, revealed a list of patriotic and realistic names given to him by La Pola, who was arrested and sentenced to death on November 10, 1817. Finally, she was shot around the streets. 

9 in the morning on November 14.