Antonio Ricaurte


Born in Villa de Leiva on July 10, 1786 - Died in San Mateo on March 25, 1814

He was the grandson of Marqués de San Jorge and nephew of Jorge Tadeo Lozano. He graduated in Law from the Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé, he married Juana Martinez Camacho. On July 20 he entered as a second lieutenant in the Battalion "Volunteers of the National Guard", he was a lieutenant and he participated in the civil war.  He made part of the Admirable campaign and was in the battles of La Grita, Carache, Niquitao, Taguanes and in 1814 in San Mateo. 

In the upper house of the Bolívar hacienda, where the park of the liberating army was kept, and when it was about to be taken by the Spanish soldiers. Commanded by Francisco Tomás Morales, immolated himself setting fire to the warehouse of gunpowder, of the patriots, which Bolivar took advantage of to launch a counterattack, with which he reconquered the hacienda.