Alexandru Ioan cuza


Born on March 20, 1820 - Died on May 15, 1873

(1859 - 1866) First prince of the United Romanian principalities 

In 1993, the statue of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza was inaugurated at the Military Museum of Bogotá. In reciprocity, in 1994, the statue of the Colombian hero General Francisco Paula Santander was inaugurated at the National Military Museum in Bucharest, Romania. We also remember that, in a central square in Bucharest, there is the bust of the Liberator Simón Bolívar. 

On January 24, 1859 marks a remarkable milestone in the national history of Romania in the process of the formation of the Romanian Unitary National State. On this day, Colonel Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected Prince of the Principality of Wallachia, a week before being elected, in the same position, in the Principality of Moldova, two of the historical provinces of Romania. This is how the first stage in the forging of the Romanian unitary national state is fulfilled. This process will culminate on December 1, 1918, when Transylvania, another Romanian historical province, will join the Motherland. Alexandru Ioan Cuza was Prince of the United Principalities for 7 years, until February 11, 1866.

He provided the first constitution and the basic institutions of the country: the Parliament, the Government, the Judicial Power, etc., carried out the agrarian reform. Formed the first unique Government that developed its activity in the capital of the United Principalities - Bucharest. Under his direction are issued organic laws, fundamental to the nation that concern the administration, justice - civil code, criminal, army, education, introduction of the metric system in Romania.