The Military Museum of Colombia is a historical and cultural center which acknowledges the Military Forces as a historical institution that has evolved and contributed in consolidating and maintaining democracy. Our main objective is to approach the society to military culture through the exhibition of historical elements, weapons, and uniforms, in order to honor the tasks performed by the land, sea and air soldiers.


These values define what the Military Museum mission and vision denote:

  • Sensitivity and respect for history
  • Kind and didactical guidance to visitors
  • Integration with local and foreign community
  • Commitment to society
  • Commitment with quality
  • Careful preservation of our collections

  • Sense of belonging: Our institutional project as a historical museum is based on the missional regulations of the Military Forces, supporting the institutional development through our intellectual abilities and by being faithful to our institution and our country.
  • Respect: The Military Museum, just like the Military Forces, understands and accepts the essential condition of every human being, it culture, religion, and race, promoting the respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
  • Justice: We provide to every human being what it corresponds according to its merits and efforts.
  • Responsibility: The Military Museum as a historical and cultural institution of the Military Forces, is responsible for an appropriate image according to its mission.
  • Veracity: The Military Museum is committed to show and exhibit the history of the Military Forces based on researches which allow us to bring closer the historical truth of the most important events of our institution.