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Be aware of what happens in the Museum


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Colombian-Romanian relations are consolidated in a simple but emotional military ceremony in front of the monument of the First Prince of the United Romanian Principalities (1859 - 1866) Alexandru Ioan Cuza located in the Military Museum.

Today, the Military Museum was surprised with the visit of Jorge Barón, renowned national television and radio presenter who with his "enthusiasm" visited our rooms one by one. Look here his cordial greeting:

As part of the "Get to know your country" program hosted by the National Army, through the 22th Brigade of the 4th Division, led by the Integral Action Development Support Command and supported by the Joint Transitional Strategic Command, 36 children who were victims of the armed conflict in the Department of Guaviare visited the Military Museum...

As part of the programs of social and cultural inclusion offered by the National Institute for the Blind (INCI in Spanish), we had the pleasure of receiving a group of 30 blind and low-vision condition people, who visited the museum with their families and the our military guides, touching and feeling a special selection of objects just for them.